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I started the Loan Wolf Funding Group after retiring with more than 23 years in public service, culminating as chief of police.  Like you, I have always had an entrepreneurial drive and, as I transitioned into the private sector, it was very important to me that I continued to help people.  Using my skills in investigation, interviewing, research, data analysis, critical thinking, organizational & operational management, negotiation, and emotional intelligence, I vetted multiple partners to connect you with the vital resources you need to successfully grow and maintain your business and livelihood. 

There are two principles that are the foundation of this organization - INTEGRITY & COMMUNICATION.  I believe that integrity is the single, most important personality trait a person can possess.  For me, integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  While I didn’t invent that definition, it is the one to which I subscribe.  When you partner with the Loan Wolf Funding Group, I assure you that integrity will form the basis of our business partnership and, upon that, we will accomplish great things.  Building on that principle, you will find: 

After more than 23 years in public service, I can tell you the reason most operations fail, whether tactical, strategic, business or personal, is poor communication.  If the correct information is not being relayed to everyone, the operation is doomed.  When you partner with the Loan Wolf Funding Group, I assure you that we will communicate with you promptly and accurately so that your projects are not doomed to fail.

I encourage you to click on the below button to submit your information so that we can begin to develop your custom business growth plan.  I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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