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As a former law enforcement officer, I can attest to how rampant Identity Theft is.  It's something that hits home.  Did you know that if someone fraudulently uses your Social Security number to file taxes, not only can it wreak havoc on your life, you will never be able to conduct any tax business with the IRS online?

You have life insurance, business insurance, medical insurance and auto insurance.  You should have credit protection.  Much like other types of insurance, you may never need it; however, when you do, it's invaluable.  Fraudulent credit actions can take many forms, but just one small hiccup, like an unauthorized credit inquiry, can be the deciding factor as to why you were denied a loan.  Compared to the cost AND time you will spend trying to fix an identity theft issue, credit monitoring is inexpensive. copy.png

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See scores and detailed reports from all 3 bureaus
Receive alerts based on changes to your credit profile
Protect your credit from unauthorized access
See your score history from any/all of the bureaus
Get detailed insights on the 6 credit score factors
See how your scores can be impacted by specific credit actions or behaviors
See your total open balances, monthly payments and a debt to income ratio calculator
Up to $1M of protection against identity theft
White-glove assistance to restore your compromised identity
Scan the web for fraudulent use of your personal information
Detect & prevent identity theft occurring outside of credit bureaus' vision
In partnership with the USPS, detect & alert when there has been an unauthorized change of address

As a business growth consultant, I can tell you that lower credit scores amongst entrepreneurs and business owners are common. Unfortunately, a lower score can prevent you from accessing vital financial resources and achieving your goals. However, credit repair IS legal and it IS NOT a scam....if you partner with the right company. Loan Wolf Funding Group affords you access to a premier credit repair solution.

Understand that credit repair is not a magic trick.  The process will require effort and participation on your part, but it does work.  To find out more, use the button below to educate yourself and get on track to raising your credit score.

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